Bowling Trick Shots

Bowling trick shots have been around since before the automatic pinsetter. The master of trick shots back then was Andy Varipapa. Make no mistake, Andy was an incredible bowler, but he got famous for the show he put on with his vast arsenal of trick shots. Not only is his enthusiasm entertaining, but his incredible accuracy, ambidexterity and consistency are extremely impressive.

The PBA usually includes a less-than-serious event every season. The last few seasons, that event has been a celebrity invitational. Every once in a while, though, the PBA will host a trick shot competition, though they haven’t hosted one in a while. Below is part 1 of 3 of a trick shot event from 2009. Admittedly not as impressive as Andy Varipapa but some awesome shots nonetheless!

Funny or Die¬†took bowling trick shots to a whole new level… Outside. The third installment of their bowling trick shot series takes them to Hollywood. The camera stare emphasizes how serious bowling trick shots really are. Click here for the video.

Which video was your favorite?

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