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Staff Bowlers, The Benefits of a Sponsorship & Who Bowls for Who

All major bowling brands (and most of the smaller ones), from bowling ball manufacturers to accessory companies, have their own professional staff. Staff member positions are highly sought after. Being part of a professional staff conveys a bowler’s high skill level and the potential the company sees in a bowler. Most companies have different tiers of… Read more »

The Best Bowlers of All Time & of the Last 5 Years

Creating a ‘Best Bowlers of All Time’ list isn’t easy. There have been thousands of outstanding players in the history of the game. There are dozens of factors and criteria that can be used to determine a player’s quality, such as career earnings, annual earnings, tournaments won, tournaments placed, career average, tournaments cashed relative to tournaments bowled,… Read more »

Random Bowling Facts

Here’s a bunch of stuff you may or may not know (but most likely don’t need to know) about bowling. By the Numbers The optimal angle for a ball to hit the pocket is 6°. A standard lane is 79 feet long from the back of the approach to the back of the pin deck…. Read more »

Bowling Gift Ideas: 12 Gifts for a Serious Bowler

By Kevin Bickel This list excludes obvious bowling gift ideas such as bowling balls, bags, and shoes. The list is sorted by category (equipment, education, and experience) and price within each category. Equipment Microfiber Towels – Cost: $6 – $12 per pack Cheap, thoughtful, quick and available pretty much anywhere. Microfiber towels are always handy… Read more »