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Random Bowling Facts

Here’s a bunch of stuff you may or may not know (but most likely don’t need to know) about bowling. By the Numbers The optimal angle for a ball to hit the pocket is 6°. A standard lane is 79 feet long from the back of the approach to the back of the pin deck…. Read more »

A Brief History of Hook

By Kevin Bickel Hooking the ball is just what you do if you want to bowl at a competitive level. The game has only been this way for several decades though. Let’s take a look at how it got to that point. Ball Surface In 1905, bowling balls transitioned from being made of a hard… Read more »

Swing & Release

By Kevin Bickel We all do the same thing: approach, swing, release. But it’s not about what we do, it’s about how we do it. That’s what separates the professionals from the amateurs. It’s obvious when watching the pros bowl (or anyone for that matter) that they each have their own unique style. What’s not… Read more »

Sarge Easter Grip

By Kevin Bickel The Sarge Easter grip is a less commonly used ball grip in which the middle finger is drilled fingertip and the ring finger is drilled conventional or semi-fingertip. You may have heard someone talking about this grip, seen someone using it, or seen it on TV. It is not widely known or… Read more »