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Bowling Trick Shots

Bowling trick shots have been around since before the automatic pinsetter. The master of trick shots back then was Andy Varipapa. Make no mistake, Andy was an incredible bowler, but he got famous for the show he put on with his vast arsenal of trick shots. Not only is his enthusiasm entertaining, but his incredible… Read more »

A Brief History of Hook

By Kevin Bickel Hooking the ball is just what you do if you want to bowl at a competitive level. The game has only been this way for several decades though. Let’s take a look at how it got to that point. Ball Surface In 1905, bowling balls transitioned from being made of a hard… Read more »

Swing & Release

By Kevin Bickel We all do the same thing: approach, swing, release. But it’s not about what we do, it’s about how we do it. That’s what separates the professionals from the amateurs. It’s obvious when watching the pros bowl (or anyone for that matter) that they each have their own unique style. What’s not… Read more »

The 900 Series

By Kevin Bickel 900. 36 in a row. 3 consecutive 300’s. Bowling’s pinnacle scoring achievement demands respect no matter how you say it. The first sanctioned 900 series was bowled by Glenn Allison in 1982 and remains the most infamous 900 series ever bowled. The American Bowling Congress, bowling’s governing body at the time, denied… Read more »

The 4 Most Shocking Bowling Tournament Endings

By Kevin Bickel There have been some unforgettable outcomes to PBA title matches in bowling’s televised history. This article features the 4 most unforeseen and shocking endings to televised title matches in PBA history. 4. Walter Ray Williams Jr. vs. Patrick Allen 2009 National Bowling Stadium Championship Walter Ray steps up on the approach after… Read more »