The 4 Most Shocking Bowling Tournament Endings

By Kevin Bickel

There have been some unforgettable outcomes to PBA title matches in bowling’s televised history. This article features the 4 most unforeseen and shocking endings to televised title matches in PBA history.

4. Walter Ray Williams Jr. vs. Patrick Allen

2009 National Bowling Stadium Championship

Walter Ray steps up on the approach after a solid strike on his first ball of the tenth frame. One strike stands between him and his 46th career title. “One more just like that…”

 3. Randy Pedersen vs. Ernie Schlegel

1995 Touring Players Championship

The definition of a Stone 8. “I don’t believe it!”

2. Norm Duke vs. Mika Koivuniemi

2011 US Open

“9 spares are how you win the US Open”. Lucky for ESPN, they don’t have to censor Finnish.

1. Del Ballard Jr. vs. Pete Weber

1991 Fair Lanes Open

You saw this one coming. The most famous gutterball in bowling history. Let’s not discount Pete Weber’s clutch turkey in the tenth though. Every shot counts!

Bonus: Tom Daugherty vs. Mika Koivuniemi

2011 PBA Tournament of Champions

This one wasn’t exactly a nail-biter but a $10,000 ten-pin is always shocking.

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